Life Update

18 May

Oh hey lovies. I’m back, for real this time, I promise! The past two weeks have been absolute madness, but I have loved every bit of it. Between home renovations, my sister’s college graduation, and family visitors I have hardly had any time to devote to anything other than family. Which I’m sure you totally understand! So here’s the skinny on my life for the past couple weeks:

For Mother’s Day I decided to help my mom and dad re-do their bedroom. Before the renovations my mom had installed a burgundy wallpaper, that was pretty, but made the room seem incredibly small. After weeks of searching for new color themes, I brought her out of her comfort level and painted the walls a pretty salmon color.  Our next project is the master bathroom, which I will do a much better job of taking before and after shots! I also promise to show an after picture as soon as I take one. (I know I’m a Slacking Sally)

{On Amy: French Connection dress, On me: Zara skirt, Nine West heels, Michael Kors watch}

After completing the renovations my aunt and uncle arrived from Florida for my sister’s college graduation. With them, they brought Sami & Suzie (Jack Russell/chihuahua mix). The house full of dogs made for an interesting couple of days, but always fun.  Last Friday my sister graduated with a B.A. in Business Management… so proud! It was a bittersweet moment that made me realize I am getting old and I don’t really like it. Hey life, you can slow down anytime now. I also, got to hang with some old friends, which always makes life better.

And as a graduation gift to herself, Amy brought home Macy! She is a beautiful 5 month old German Shepherd/Border Collie mix, who is extremely playful and smart. I have enjoyed the past couple days just playing with her and rubbing her belly, which she loves immensely. She also likes to run circles around the house, chewing on bricks, chasing bumble bees, and running in red mud. You know, typical puppy tomfoolery!

{taking it back with a picture from 2008}

And last but not least a birthday shout out is due for one of the best friends ever, Mal!! We will be celebrating the big 2-4 this weekend, and hopefully I will have some tasteful pics to share with you next week. And if they aren’t tasteful, then you will have to know that we had a fabulous time!


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